Over 20 years of experience with machining on all types of materials with micron tolerances. We have access to every kind of machine in the continental US, Switzerland, and Germany.
Conventional & Micro-Machining

We have a variety of machines to get any job done. Take a look at our machines

Conventional Machining

We have all the traditional tools, machines, machinists, engineers, and expertise to make large parts down to a thousand of an inch. We have micron level testing & inspecting facilities making testing larger parts a breeze.

Grinding From grinding to polishing, any grain size any surface.
CNC Turning Turning for any size job, many materials.
CNC Milling Milling, drilling, with tight tolerances.
High Speed Milling High speed milling for the precision you need and those hard materials.
Multi Axis CNC Multi axis machining for complex designs with very tight tolerances.
Tooling and Assembly Tooling for different types of jobs and assemblies of all kinds.
Wire EDM Electrical Discharge Machining for hard metals and alloys.
Laser Laser accuracy for cutting and high precision machining.


A totally different standard with tolerances measured in microns at 40 millionths of an inch.


Micro Grinding The art of grinding particles that are nanometers in size.
Micro Milling Multi axis micro miling and tooling. Micron Tolerances. Colloid mills, ball mills, bead mills, disc mills, jet mills, rotor-stator mixers (ultra turrax) or high-pressure homogenizers, and ultrasonic milling.
Laser Machining Laser acuracy for cutting and high precision machining any size.  Hard metals and alloys down to 5 microns.

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