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Prototyping & Engineering

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Our claim to sucess is the experience, skills and knowledge of our people. We have the experience to take your concept and turn it  into a fully functional prototype. We share our experience to help you select the best manufacturing techniques and materials to make your product of hghest quality.  With us, rapid prototyping means more than creating a product, it means trying to make your product better, cheaper and faster.

CAD Drawings If you do not already have your CAD design or you need your existing drawings converted to the latest version, we can generate 3D images of your product and its parts from as little as a paper sketch.
Engineering As we work with you to get all the details of your products functionality and features, we will advase you of engineering improvements or processes that may help improve your product.
Product Development Our product development and engineering experience can help your product evolve into something that adds more value to your customers. We can help your product have more features so you can enter other markets or offer more value.
Material Selection Quality products need to have a rigorous analysis of material interaction to ensure that your product is sturdy and provides a long life of value to your customers. Also, many a times we can find materials that are just as good for a job but, significantly less expensive.
Motorization The art of motorizing products is one of our passions. Our team has extensive motorization experience. We can help your product move better and be more flexible.
Machining We provide micro machiing services that allow us to make parts measured in microns: 40 millionths of an inch. Working at these sizes allows us to apply micro techniques to traditional parts, making the highest tolerances possible.
Assemblies We can make the parts and assemble the product for you. We can make partial assemblies of complex or miniature parts. We work with you to meet your needs.
Manufacturing Once we prove our value and you find success with your product, we can scale within your needs. We manufacture, inspect, and ship at lightning speeds. We can warehouse batches for you to reduce cost and provide excellent support. 


A totally different standard with tolerances measured in microns at 40 millionths of an inch.


Mechanical Engineering Anything from heavy machinery, ventilation, thermal analysis, miniature actuation, motorization, stress measurements, material resistance, vibration, and noise analysis.
Fluid Mechanics Liquids and gases can help in many applications. Oil pressures, gas pressures, viscosity, life time degradation, fluid dynamics, cavitation, and bio fluids.
Stress Engineering Knowing how materials react to certain temperatures and stresses is essential to creating a quality product with a long life cycle. We can help in measuring any force, stress, and temperature to parts of your products to help craft a more durable product.
Reverse Engineering Need to design a product that performs a similar task or is similar in any way to another product? We can help design and improve it so it can be made your own.

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