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We are careful about applying the level of machining precision to what is really required. Since price is related to precision in order to succeed in making your device, an understanding in the limits of performance of certain tolerances is required. We share our experience by helping you create smooth functionality in a most cost-efficient manner. We find ways of saving time of the procurement and machining process. We work with your price point to ensure that the product bought from us will fit in your business model and that you succeed in selling the final product in the intended margins.


Jauvtis Micro Precision takes great pride in in its Machinig services. With over 20 years of experience, whatever your part is, we can build it with precision, accuracy, and at the right price. We also have a vast partner network which allows us to make a wide array of complex parts and pieces. Whatever part you need we have a shop and a machine that can build it. We also utilize the latest in CNC machining technology, turning processes ,and can support a high level of part complexity, and provide exceptional surface finishes at-quality and on time.


Jauvtis Micro Precision's engineering services create value for any given project proving expertise in a variety of engineering fields. From initial concepts to final products Jauvtis MP has the correct process, machine, and material to bring your project to fruition. Our engineering teams have been involved in electrical engineering ,mechanical engineering, and various other types of engineering projects. What ever your engineering needs are we have the solution to build your project with accuracy, precision, timely delivery and the right price


Jautis Micro Precision can help engineers and product designers in search of rapid prototyping services. We encompass a wide variety of manufacturing processes that can be used to create prototypes quickly and accurately. Because there countless different ways that any individual prototype can be produced, Jauvtis MP can help you determine what material and process is best suited for you. We also have a highly skilled 3D printing team which allows us to create rapid prototyping solutions at an affordable price.

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What Our Customers Say

When we were first introduced to Louis and JMP we were looking for a micro machining manufacturer who will be able to do magic. Fast turnaround of unique and complex parts of AA quality. Louis met this need with great service, responsiveness and always with a smile. And on a personal note, it was a…

Liran Gorni Edwards, Purchasing Manager – Lifesciences Israel R&D

My experience began with JMP while working to get a one of a kind part manufactured. After consulting with multiple firms, I was having difficulty finding someone who could do the job to the high standard I was requesting. Networking led me to JMP. After contacting JMP and reviewing the design, I was able to…

Mike Peters – Quality Manufacturing Engineer

As part of a research project on tunable lasers, we required a prototype right angle drive with super high precision (0.002 degrees) and high resolution, while using common high precision tolerances. Louis was a key player in the design and fabrication of this mechanism, which was delivered on time and within budget, and which surpassed…

Confidential Company – NYSE Listed