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About Us

About Us

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With nearly 20 years of engineering experience in the fields of medical, defense, industrial and mechanical systems, we help take our customers products to the next level. Consider Jauvtis Micro Precision as your partner in engineering, machining, and assembly with the following capabilities:

Jauvtis Micro Precision’s (JMP) engineering and manufacturing experience reduces costs by putting precision where you need it. JMP combines the most advanced, state-of-the-art machining technology available with a proven background in manufacturing and quality control. 

Our industry expertise will provide the most competent and cost-effective precision solution for micro applications, as well as offer free engineering consultation on component designs.

We specialize in mini-components and can apply precise machining techniques to components as large as 1 cubic meter.leaders to make rigorous, data-driven decisions on the biggest challenges facing their organizations. 

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When we were first introduced to Louis and JMP we were looking for a micro machining manufacturer who will be able to do magic. Fast turnaround of unique and complex parts of AA quality. Louis met this need with great service, responsiveness and always with a smile. And on a personal note, it was a…

Liran Gorni Edwards, Purchasing Manager – Lifesciences Israel R&D

My experience began with JMP while working to get a one of a kind part manufactured. After consulting with multiple firms, I was having difficulty finding someone who could do the job to the high standard I was requesting. Networking led me to JMP. After contacting JMP and reviewing the design, I was able to…

Mike Peters – Quality Manufacturing Engineer

As part of a research project on tunable lasers, we required a prototype right angle drive with super high precision (0.002 degrees) and high resolution, while using common high precision tolerances. Louis was a key player in the design and fabrication of this mechanism, which was delivered on time and within budget, and which surpassed…

Confidential Company – NYSE Listed

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Jauvtis Micro Precision is a family owned business founded in 2008. We started collaborating within the family on ideas in order to develop our first inventions. Growing up in a family of engineers, we put our forces together to develop mechanical solutions. To this day, we collaborate with friends, long term business partners and people with success stories. We stay curious in any new interesting technology and innovative devices to stay on the bleeding edge of technological advancement.