Prototyp und Produktion

Prototyp und Produktion

Prototyp und Produktion

Über Prototyp-Herstellung und Produktion

Wir bei Jauvtis Micro Precision setzen hochqualifizierte Ingenieure ein, die die modernsten technologischen Fortschritte nutzen. Auf diese Weise kann unser Team professionelle Prototypen mit höchster Qualität bauen. Unsere Prototypen passen in jede Nische und jeden Bedarf.

How will the object in your sketch, or your computer-aided design actually look and feel? Will your new component fit into its overall assembly or properly house the object it needs to? Will the product even work?  Using the latest rapid prototyping technologies, we can create a three-dimensional model that brings your vision to life, quickly and cost-effectively. 

Our prototyping and production services focus on our clients.

New products are being developed everyday. As these new designs sprout, the demand for high precision and quality prototypes grows larger everyday.

Our Prototypes typically include, but are not limited to plastic manufacturing, metal fabrication, electronic nngineering, virtual prototypes, early stage concepts, and prototypes that demonstrate functionality. Let our vetted prototype engineers help you bring your product to life.

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