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Jauvtis Micro Precision Services

We have a broad range of high precision machining, engineering, and mechanical related services but mainly we are problem solvers. Whether your needs are just engineering designs, making parts or developing a mechanism with components we are here to support you best. Have a look.


• Conventional Machining
• CNC Milling & Turning
• Grinding
• Injection Molding
• Laser Cutting
• Micro Gears
• Stamping
• Wire Erosion


• Assembly Tooling
• Design & Engineering
• Gear Boxes
• Miniature Actuators


• Design & Engineering
• Prototyping & Production

State of the Art Machines

Jauvtis Micro Precision utilized state of the art machines to accomplish your engineering feats.  What ever your project or part we have the right machine to help you build it. 

  • Ingénierie
  • Usinage
  • Prototypage