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What People Have To Say

When we were first introduced to Louis and JMP we were looking for a micro machining manufacturer who will be able to do magic. Fast turnaround of unique and complex parts of AA quality. Louis met this need with great service, responsiveness and always with a smile. And on a personal note, it was a pleasure to get to know you. Thank you.

Liran Gorni Edwards, Purchasing Manager – Lifesciences Israel R&D

My experience began with JMP while working to get a one of a kind part manufactured. After consulting with multiple firms, I was having difficulty finding someone who could do the job to the high standard I was requesting. Networking led me to JMP. After contacting JMP and reviewing the design, I was able to get a quote. The prototype was good, and over time, we developed a perfect part. With JMP’s assistance, we were able to develop a crimping tool that improved the efficiency and quality of the manufacturing process. JMP exhibited a great deal of professionalism and care. They were accurate, innovative, technically skilled, and committed to getting the job done right. I would be happy to work with them on future projects.

Mike Peters – Quality Manufacturing Engineer

As part of a research project on tunable lasers, we required a prototype right angle drive with super high precision (0.002 degrees) and high resolution, while using common high precision tolerances. Louis was a key player in the design and fabrication of this mechanism, which was delivered on time and within budget, and which surpassed the design specifications.

Confidential Company – NYSE Listed

After being turned down by many top engineering companies due to the complexity and miniature scale of our project we found JMP. JMP helped re-engineer our patented design for functionality and manufacturability. JMP created a 12 pad probe which could be applied through a 1.6 mm inner diameter needle directly into the spinal column. JMP’s device performed better than anticipated during tests.

Dr. Amit Goel

I met Louis at a NOTES conference at our facility in Milan. Together we have developed some of the most cutting edge advance surgical robotic devices ever conceived. Louis’ mechanical ingenuity and partners in high precision machining have advanced the development of “no scar endoscopic surgery

AMIS Academy Advanced Endoscopic Surgery School – Nigurada Hospital Milan

JMP manufactured us a stainless steel vacuum enclosure that was quite difficult and demanding for any shop to deliver. Their product was perfectly machined to our specifications and performs well in our lab. We were so impressed with the quality of the first prototype that we’ve ordered more!

NorthEastern University

We’ve used JMP numerous times and they’ve delivered well-made micro machined components that other firms were unable to manufacture. JMP was able to meet and exceed our needs while other shops could not.

Rice University